This series is devoted to the problems of pedagogy in its broad meaning.

We look upon current pedagogy problems connected with nurturing and educating the youth in Poland and countries of modern Europe. We present scientific reports of research workers and students, carrying out studies on important and up-to-date issues of pedagogy in the contemporary world. The authors of presented publications take additional interest in educational standards as well as curricula and systemic solutions of present-day system of education in Poland and neighbouring countries. We also describe matters related to the education of future teachers.

As we take into consideration important social problems and development of other branches of knowledge, we sometimes publish works in the field of sociology and philosophy. Due to this fact we hope every reader finds here something interesting and visits us regularly.

We wish to invite authors of original works, particularly reports on problems in contemporary pedagogy, concerning dangers in educational process of children and young people, diagnostics of these phenomena and pedagogy prevention. Articles on the issues of modern resocialisationand innovative approaches in educational and resocialisational actions will be welcomed.

Reviews are typically published by invitation only. Invitations are addressed to recognised experts in the field. Formal editorial requirements  are the same as in the case of scientific journals and we list them on a separate webpage.